Review: Hauntings – an anthology

I'm thrilled to share my review of Hauntings, an anthology of paranormal and horror short stories by a group of wonderful writers of historical fiction. 


An Anthology of Short Stories

Paranormal / Horror Fiction

Authors involved were:

S.J.A Turney

K.S. Barton

Paula Lofting

Stephanie Churchill

Judith Arnopp

Jennifer C. Wilson

Lynn Bryant

Kate Jewell

Samantha Wilcoxson

D. Apple

With a foreword by:

Sharon Bennett Connolly

Hauntings is an intriguing collection of short stories by a group of fabulous historical fiction writers. And, boy, they know how to keep you reading!

Whether you're thrown back into ancient Roman times, seek revenge in medieval England, or delve behind the walls of an asylum, Hauntings has a tale for you.

The stories draw you in, some with their ghostly activities and others through the sheer horror faced by the protagonists. You can sense the surprise, the unease, the fear, the plotting. If you're of a feeble disposition towards horror (as I am), make sure to read it with the lights on! 

My favourite story was S.J.A. Turney's tale, Furies, about a haunted Roman general. It's like The Fog meets Rome. I still get goosebumps just thinking about it. 

But all the other stories were equally gripping, and often spine-tingling, and well worth your reading time.

Hauntings is intriguing as it is chilling, and an excellent read. Be prepared for the stories to invade your dreams...

Highly recommended!




Chilling Tales that will take you through a labyrinth of historical horror.

You will encounter a tormented Roman general.

A Norse woman who must confront her terrifying destiny.

Meet a troubled Saxon brother, searching for his twin's murderer.

A young nurse tries to solve the mysteries of an asylum for the insane.

Down the passages of time to the Tudor age, Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn wander through a haunted garden and elsewhere, a lost slave girl is the soul survivor of a mass slaughter.

These are just a few of the eerie tales which ensure that Hauntings is not for the faint-hearted.

Join us as 10 talented authors relate their historical horrors in this ghostly collection

With a foreword by the eminent author of histories of medieval women Sharon Bennett Connolly.

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  1. Thanks for this great review! Simon's story was my favorite as well.


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