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Review: Brushstrokes from the Past by Heidi Eljarbo

I'm delighted to share my review for Brushstrokes from the Past , a wonderful dual-timeline novel by Heidi Eljarbo .  It's currently on blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club . Check out the other fabulous posts here. Brushstrokes from the Past A Soli Hansen Mystery Heidi Eljarbo I've been familiar with Heidi Eljarbo's award-winning dual-timeline series about art theft during WWII, but not had a chance to read any of the novels, yet. Although it's the last book in the series, Brushstrokes from the Past works well as a standalone read, as snippets of the backstory are added very nicely into the narrative. Needless to say, I'll have to catch up with the first three novels at some point. When the preserved body of a 17th-century man is found in a marsh, it transpires he carried a sealed tube with him – with a painting by Rembrandt. Soli and her friend, Heddy, a local leader in the resistance movement, are called to help by the professor who overlooks the dig. But

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