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Spotlight: Restitution by Janet Lee Berg

Today, I'm delighted to introduce you to another interesting novel, Restitution by Janet Lee Berg , as part of a blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club . Based partly on family memoirs, Restitution deals with the guilt arising from the harsh choices Jewish families had to face during World War II, in order to keep their families safe.  Have a look at the intriguing excerpt! Restitution Sequel to "Rembrandt's Shadow" Janet Lee Berg Historical Fiction  Blurb: “Restitution” is the riveting, multigenerational story of Sylvie Rosenberg, a Holocaust survivor traumatized by the memory of her art dealer father forced to trade paintings with the Nazis in an attempt to save their large extended family.  Sylvie’s adult life in 1970s New York is plagued by survivors’ guilt and bitterness.   But when her self-destructive ways threaten to upend the life of her Vietnam-vet son, Sylvie finally needs to face her demons.  She returns to Holland to confront her past and fight the Dutc

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