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Promo: Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion by VP Felmlee

Today, I'm delighted to welcome author VP Felmlee to Ruins & Reading. She writes about a subject close to my heart: abandoned animals! So it's with great pleasure that I'm sharing a snippet from the last book in her Abandoned Trilogy, Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion . Have a look! Autumn and The Silver Moon Stallion is currently on blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club. Check out all the other fabulous snippets HERE !   Autumn and the Silver Moon Stallion The Abandoned Trilogy, Book #3 by V P Felmlee Snippet: The filly was coaxed out of the old trailer and down the sagging wooden ramp by the man and led several feet away. Her halter was taken off. She had always worn these tight pieces of leather around her muzzle, and it was strange not feeling them bite into her flesh. The man walked back to the trailer. Her ears flicked in curiosity. The door slammed with a loud "Bam!" The truck started, gears ground, and it pulled away. The empty trailer rattle

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