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Promo: The Year We Lived by Virginia Crow

Today, I'm thrilled to share an enticing excerpt from a novel that sounds just like my kind of read: The Year We Lived by Virginia Crow , currently on blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club . Well worth checking out if you love medieval history! I know I'm going to... The Year We Lived Virginia Crow Historical Fiction Excerpt: When the fool was dismissed later in the evening, Philip followed him out of the hall. He looked up and down the corridor but, despite having followed on the heels of the joker, he found the hallway empty. “Impossible,” he hissed and turned once more, stumbling back as he found himself staring into the eyes of the fool. “You seek me, Your Grace. But why? I am neither a chalice nor a chasuble. Surely you do not wish me to read the liturgy with you. You know how many years it has been since I attended Latin.” “Seven.” “Seven, indeed,” the fool snapped. “Sometimes I forget.” “You may be employed for amusement, but do not confuse it with mischief. I am too

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