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Review: The Oath by A.M. Linden

I'm delighted to share my review for The Oath , a historical fiction novel by A.M. Linden , and the first in a new series, The Druid Chronicles . The title is currently on blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club . Nip over to all the other hosts to discover more about this intriguing story! The Oath The Druid Chronicles, Book One A. M. Linden  Historical Fiction The Oath begins a little like a ’Once upon a time’ fairy tale, telling us about a great king and his young wife. When he is ambushed and killed, his wife dies in childbirth – and his nephew Gilberth is at hand to take over the reins. Convenient. Intrigue, much! Right from the start. Young Caelym was sent by his High Priestess to find her long-lost sister, Annwr, who'd been taken by Saxon warriors fifteen years earlier. It takes him a long time to locate her, until he does so – with an arrow in his back. Hunted by Christians as a heathen, he is barely alive when he barges into her calm existence. But his arrival trigger

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