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Today, I'm thrilled to share an excerpt from The Heron, a historical time-slip novel by Jean M. Roberts, currently on blog tour with The Coffee Pot Book Club. Many congratulations to Jean on her new release!

Take a look at the teaser!

The Heron

Jean M. Roberts

Historical Fiction / Time Slip


Abbey opened her eyes. Sunlight streamed through the windows as a light morning breeze stirred the curtains. She glanced around the room, reassuring herself. Cream drapery enveloped her bed, and the alarm clock stared back at her with its unwavering red eye: 8:00 a.m. My God, what a crazy dream. She sat up and stretched. The smell of fresh-brewed coffee tantalized her nose and her stomach rumbled in response. With a toss of the comforter, she leapt out of bed, happy to feel her bare feet sink into the thick carpet. After a quick shower, blond hair smoothed into a sleek ponytail and minimal makeup, she was ready. 

She reassured herself that yesterday’s weirdness was nothing more than residual stress. Today would be glorious. Miriam and Jeremiah sprang into action upon her arrival in the dining room. “Good morning, Dr. Coote. It’s a lovely day.”

“Good morning, Miriam. Please call me Abbey.” 

The woman smiled as she placed a plate in front of her. Pancakes, bacon and a side of fruit, beckoned. Abbey grinned and poured a generous amount of dark amber syrup over the cakes. “Yum.”

“The syrup is from Vermont. The real deal, from maples, not that nasty, fake stuff. The berries grow wild in Maine, picked yesterday morning.” 

“It’s marvelous. You’ll make me fat if every meal is as wonderful as this.”

Jeremiah entered the room, dressed for a day on the water, in shorts and a tee shirt. “Don’t worry, we’ll burn off the calories today. Canoeing is more strenuous than it looks. Do you mind if I join you?” 

Abbey, ignoring the flutter of somersaults in her tummy, smiled and waved a hand at an empty seat. “Please do. It appears to be a beautiful morning.”

He nodded without comment and placed his heaping plate on the table across from her. “You slept well; I hope. The mattress is comfortable?”

“Um. The bed is perfect.” Abbey took a last sip and settled her porcelain cup in its saucer. “I had the strangest dream, though. The details are fuzzy, but I believe I woke up in the 1600s. Freaked me out.”

Jeremiah exchanged a swift glance with Miriam, who slid into a chair at the table. “It’s not uncommon. The house often elicits an unconscious reaction and draws unsuspecting visitors into the past.” He reached over and poured a coffee for Miriam and refilled Abbey’s cup. “Many of our guests have complained of strange noises and visions.”

“What about you?” She stared at him over the rim of her cup, trying to assess his comment. “Do you believe in ghosts?”

He munched on a piece of crisp bacon and studied her; his own face inscrutable. “Why do you think I sleep in the staff quarters?” He winked at her and dug into his pancakes. 

She rolled her eyes and laughed at his lighthearted response. “Be serious. Are there spooks here?” She glanced over at Miriam, who squirmed in her seat. “What about you?”

Miriam cleared her throat, her face thoughtful. “The house is centuries old. Countless people have died within these walls. I suspect we have a spirit or two lurking about.” 

Abbey frowned at her evasive reply. She sensed a darker undercurrent to her tone. Perhaps when they’d spent more time together, she would open up. “You didn’t answer my question. Have you seen a ghost?” She turned to stare down Jeremiah. “Have you?”

“Yes.” Both responded in unison. 

“Well, that makes three of us.”



The past calls to those who dare to listen…

An invitation arrives; Abbey Coote, Professor of American Studies, has won an extended stay in an historic B&B, Pine Tree House. The timing is perfect. Abbey is recovering from an accident which left her abusive boyfriend dead and her with little memory of the event.

But her idyllic respite soon takes a terrifying turn. While exploring the house, Abbey comes face to face with Mary Foss, a woman dead for 350 years. Through a time/mind interface, Abbey experiences the horrors of Mary’s life, living at the edge of the civilized world in the 1690’s New England.

As Abbey faces her worst fears, she struggles to free them both from the past.

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About the Author:

Jean M. Roberts

With a passion for history, author Jean M. Roberts is on a mission to bring the past to life. She is the author of three novels, WEAVE A WEB OF WITCHCRAFT, BLOOD IN THE VALLEY and THE HERON. 

After graduating from the University of St. Thomas, Jean served in the United States Air Force, she has worked as a Nurse Administrator, and is currently writing full-time. 

She lives in Texas with her husband.

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