Review: Beguiling her Enemy Warrior by Lucy Morris

I'm thrilled to share my review of Beguiling her Enemy Warrior, the third in the Shieldmaiden Sisters trilogy, by Lucy Morris. It's the tale of the third sister, Helga whose turn it was after Valda and Brynhild had found their matches.

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Beguiling her Enemy Warrior

The Shieldmaiden Sisters

Lucy Morris

Having read and enjoyed The Viking She Would have Married and Tempted by her Outcast Viking, I couldn't resist Helga's story, as I knew it would be as intriguing as her sisters'. And I wasn't disappointed.

From Book 2, we know already that Helga has been abducted by Lord Rhys, the brother of Valda's husband Halfdan's arranged bride, in an act of revenge. Alswn had disappeared, together with Hywel, her guard, around the time Valda and Halfdan got married, against his father Ulf's wishes. But Rhys thinks he knows everything – but he doesn't.

Rhys is very different from the Norse. A Welsh lord of Gwynedd, his life had been full of mistrust from the high king, and the arrangement he'd made with Ulf, for Alswn to wed Halfdan, was meant to secure his own lands from Ulf's aggression. But did he fool himself? The man was never to be trusted.

Helga is not like her shieldmaiden sisters. Still feisty, and a force to reckon with, especially armed with bow and arrow, she knows how to defend herself, and how to organise a home. Her visions had always shown her a black dragon to be her fate – and she is convinced that Rhys – known as the black dragon of Gwynedd, is the one. But his dismissive behaviour makes her doubt her own intuition.

As they travel to his home in the north west of Wales, she gets to know him better, but his ingrained obstinacy and stubbornness, together with his deep distrust of the Norse, provide her with a challenge.

Beguiling her Enemy Warrior is a fast-paced romantic adventure. The setting – from Jorvik to the Welsh mountains – is authentic, and the plot intriguing. Both Helga and Rhys are likeable, brave characters, but both have their flaws and insecurities, which they must overcome. Faced with a mutual enemy – Ulf and his army – they must both learn to set aside their prejudices, and work together. But will it be enough?

This trilogy of fighting sisters is a delightful series. The women are of their time, the men are warriors, though sometimes too nice for their own good, and the backdrop is well-researched.

A highly recommended conclusion to the story of the Shieldmaiden Sisters.



Kidnapped by the warrior

Tempted by the man…

Captured by the infamous Lord Rhys, a Welsh prince intent on revenge against her family, Viking healer, Helga, must keep her wits about her if she’s to be freed. Easier said than done when she desires him rather than fears him! Helga senses there’s good inside Rhys and feels compelled to reach his heart. First she must make him see there’s more to her than just his enemy…

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Lucy Morris

Lucy Morris has always been obsessed with myths and legends. Her books blend sweeping romance with vivid worldbuilding to whisk you away to another time and place filled with adventure. Expect passion, drama, and vibrant characters.

Lucy lives in Essex, UK, with her husband, two children, and two cats. She has a massively sweet tooth and loves Terry's chocolate oranges and Irn-Bru. In her spare time, she likes to explore castles with her family, or drink bubbly with her friends.