Review: Pilot Who Knows the Waters by N. L. Holmes

I'm delighted to share my review with you of an intriguing whodunit set in Ancient Egypt: 

Pilot Who Knows the Waters by archaeologist and author, N. L. Holmes

If you're into your Egyptology (like I am), don't miss this fabulous series!

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Pilot Who Knows the Waters

The Lord Hani Mysteries #6

N. L. Holmes

It is the early days of young Tut-ankh-aten's reign, when the young pharaoh was strongly influenced by his grandfather Ay. But not all royal household members see eye to eye. 

Lord Hani, in service to the Egyptian rulers, is tasked with travelling to the Hittite Empire to secure the hand of a local prince for the queen, but disaster strikes on his arrival. This sets off an intriguing chain of events as various powers vie for supremacy, and don't shy away from plotting against their own family members. 

With the help of his son-in-law, Maya, Hani – diplomatic and canny as ever – unravels a network of secrets, involving death, theft, envy, and treachery. But just who is pulling the strings in the murky background?

Hani and Maya must tread carefully before their own lives become forfeit. 

Pilot Who Knows the Waters is a fabulous mystery, full of adventure and political intrigues. Set against the beautiful backdrop of Ancient Egypt and the Hittite Empire, the story sweeps you away to a sun-drenched land of the past. A land in turmoil as uncertainty remains over which God or Gods to worship following the catastrophic reign of Akhenaten. 

The author knows the era very well, and I'm sure her work as an archaeologist has given her a deeper insight into the culture and the way of life. This knowledge shines through in her description, down to the little details. You have a real sense of ’being there’.

This was the first novel in the series that I've read, and I liked in particular Hani's family. Full of care and warmth, but also of intelligence and forward-thinking, his family members add a personal side to the political shenanigans. His wife is a priestess, which adds another layer of authenticity to the setting.

I thoroughly enjoyed reading this novel, and I'm looking forward to seeing where Ms Holmes ventures next in her journey to Ancient Egypt. She has given us a hint at the end of the novel...

Pilot Who Knows the Waters is a gripping, intriguing, and visually-delightful Egyptian adventure. Highly recommended!


Hani must secretly obtain a Hittite bridegroom for Queen Meryet-amen, but Ay and the faction behind Prince Tut-ankh-aten are opposed--to the point of violence. Does the death of an artisan have anything to do with Ay’s determination to see his grandson on the throne? 

Then, another death brings Egypt to the brink of war…

Hani’s diplomatic skills will be pushed to the limit in this final book in The Lord Hani Mysteries.

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About the Author:

N. L. Holmes

N.L. Holmes is the pen name of a professional archaeologist who received her doctorate from Bryn Mawr College. She has excavated in Greece and in Israel, and taught ancient history and humanities at the university level for many years. She has always had a passion for books, and in childhood, she and her cousin (also a writer today) used to write stories for fun. 

Today, she and her husband live in France with their chickens and cats, where she weaves, plays the violin, gardens, and dances.

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